Semel Kitchens, Israel’s largest quality kitchen manufacturer, was founded in 1981, and has subsequently become a byword for quality, innovation, precision, impressive style and highest standards, which paved its way to success.

Semel Kitchens has become a byword and top brand in Israel for private customers, architects, designers, and developers. Semel Kitchens has extensive experience in carrying out large-scale luxury projects, which require an advanced production system, top quality team and the ability to create to suit a wide range of styles.

The developers and contractors who work with us include Electra Construction Ltd., Matzlawi Construction Co. Ltd., U. Dori Construction Ltd., Danya Cebus Ltd., Malibu Group, Peretz Bonei Hanegev Ltd., Shagrawi Leibowitz, Shagrawi Brothers Co. Ltd., Yossi Avrahami Civil Engineering Workd Ltd., Hagag Group, Canada Israel Ltd., Africa-Israel Investments Ltd., Y. Parizat-S. Hasson Ltd., and Sivan Bizua Ltd.

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