Our Kitchens


מטבח קלאסי

classic kitchens

A classic kitchen designed and decorated with Victorian inspiration, where the small details, including the decorations, finishes and developments are carefully crafted by an artist.


white kitchens

The white kitchens series is invincible. The white color instills in the house a peaceful atmosphere and a feeling of purity and holiness.


wood kitchens

Our series of wooden kitchens is a strong statement. Like a melody carved in wood, fighting for form and striving for the perfect beauty of nature and materiality.


S series kitchens

The S Series is characterized by clean, straight lines, the use of excellent raw materials, uncompromising design and the retention of functionality. The modern kitchen is expressed here, a combination of restraint as well as the industrial revolution. In this display, design is the name of the game, with the raw materials as the main players in their cleanest form – esthetic, lean yet durable, strong but quiet, and not always run-of-the-mill. Here, you will find iron and stainless steel, wood and ceramics, integrated in complete synergy.