Blue Rural model

This kitchen was designed with rural motifs and dominant colors, while maximizing modern storage solutions, functionality, and with an emphasis on user experience. Paint-finished doors were chosen for the kitchen facades, which combine Provence and fluted facades to add interest and style complexity. The integration of different large storage sets also provides maximum flexibility for the storage solutions required for different purposes.

Natural materials, such as the solid oak island, are integrated in this kitchen. The surface surrounds the natural stone-clad load-bearing wall, which complements the connection to the outdoors seen from the broad windows.

The island was designed as two-directional, to facilitate serving from the kitchen side and the storage of media devices on the side facing the living room.

Photograph: Yoav Peled

אלעד וניר

Design: Elad and Nir Interior Design

Design: Elad and Nir Interior Design

מטבחים נוספים מwood kitchens

מטבח פורניר אלון ואפור

Fournier and Grey Lacquer model

מטבח מודרני שחור ועץ

Wood and Black Island model


Wood and Stainless Steel Industrial model

מטבח עץ אלון בשילוב שיש בטון

Wood with Marble and Concrete model


Louis Vuitton integrated with Stainless Steel model

מטבח עץ קומבה ונירוסטה

Comba and Stainless Steel model

מטבח עץ אלון קטן

Colored Oak model

מטבח פורניר דגלאס מגורד עם שיש קיסר לבן

Scraped Douglas Fournier model

מטבח אגוז אמריקאי ונירוסטה

Walnut and Stainless Steel model


Three Islands model

מטבח עץ קומבה

Comba model

מטבח עץ אלון


מטבח עץ לואי ויטו

Louis Vuitton

מטבח פרובנס מעץ מייפל

Maple Provence model


Three Layer model